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CUGIVE (seeyougive) - You'll see and experience your donations make the world a better place. ~ LIVE the GIVE ~

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The CUGIVE foundation was created with the sole purpose of finding projects that fill our hearts, spread love, create magical moments and share it with others. 

CUGIVE allows donors to be a part of the giving experience from start to finish! Once you donate, it doesn't end there! You can take the journey through the entire process, from preperation to project launch... then the magic!  

We believe that life is at it's best when you share it with others. Join the CUGIVE family and be a part of the giving process.  

You'll SEE and EXPERIENCE the magic and love your donations create... LIVE THE GIVE with CUGIVE!

 We'll do it together!  

Join our first project!

Project Goal $ 5000

Donate today and experience a CUGIVE project! 

We're still researching our first project and will keep you posted when we've locked it in. Once we do, we'll keep you updated, as we prepare and launch the CUGIVE project in real time! 

Don't worry if you miss the live release of a finished project. You will be emailed a follow up video, of the event, so you can watch it at your convenience. Then you can share it with family and friends! Isn't that great? 

See how your loving donations make a difference! 

No matter how busy you are, you always have time to spread hope, love and magic with CUGIVE


How does CUGIVE work?

Step 1 -  

Pick your CUGIVE project.  

Step 2 -  

Give a loving donation.  

Step 3 -  

Next, you'll be updated, via email, once your CUGIVE project begins.  

You'll see the whole process from start to finish! 

Step 4 -  

You're done! 

You're now part of the CUGIVE journey and family. It's that easy! 

So pick as many projects as you like and start filling your heart with love.  

Let's get started!

Our First Project!

Project 1


We're in the process of doing our Phase 1 dudilgence on Project 1. We'll keep you posted once we've locked it in! 

Project Goal - $5,000

Donate Today


Project 2

Create For A Cause

Check out our CUGIVE items for sale.

All proceeds go directly to:

The CUGIVE Foundation

Project 3 -

Project Saratoga

Fellow Saratoga High School Alumni work together on a specific CUGIVE project.  

Project 4

Project FRED - Military

Helping our military families!

Project 5

Bring Water to Elephants!

Come take the journey as we donate new water sources for elephants in Botswana. 

Project 6 -

Santa's Village - Lake Tahoe

Welcome to the magical world of Santa's Village. Located in Lake Tahoe, you'll find the perfect Christmas experience year round. 

Nesteled in Christmas Village, you'll enjoy shopping, horse drawn sleigh rides, the magical forest, Santa's reindeer, other year round helpers, and of course good old Santa Clause himself. 

You can even stay in our ice glassed igloos, or wooden cabins to get the full experience.

Don't forget to check out Santa's naugthy and nice list to make sure you're in good standing throughout the year! 

By donating, you'll help build Santa's Village!

Other Ways to Donate

Gifts of Money

We are happy to except all CASH donations. Once a CASH donation has been made, a DONATION RECEIPT will be emailed.

Gifts of Real Estate​

You can donate a family residence to a charitable organization while continuing to use it until the end of your life. You will receive an income tax receipt of the commuted value of the asset at the time of the donation. At the time of death, the charitable organization will obtain the use of this residence. If real estate assets other than the primary residence are donated, 50% of the capital gain is taxable.

Gifts of Automobiles and Vehicles

​ We are happy to except automobiles and vehicles, as a donation. Please give us a call. Working and some not working vehicles are excepted. Give us a call and we'd be happy to take a look at it. ​ ​ You can also send us pictures and a description of the automobile or vehicle for approval. We can also make arrangements for pick up and delivery.

Interested in becoming part of the CUGIVE team? 


About the CEO

My name is Teri Anne Reynolds, and I'm excited for you to get to know me and why I started The CUGIVE Foundation.  

Over the past 26 years, I've devoted my life to help hundreds of families buy and sell Real Estate in Silicon Valley. Real Estate was just one passion I had.  

In 2016, I began to feel as if something were missing and I wanted to do more.  

Soon there after, I was diagnosed with a "rare" eye melanoma cancer (Choroidal Melanoma), which quickly put my life into perspective.  

Read my book, Holy Moley. It's my step by step journey, through a "rare" cancer and what I did to SAVE MY LIFE.  

Click Here to order my book on Amazon - "Holy Moley"
(100% of the proceeds go to The CUGIVE Foundation)

Because of this unexpected journey, it made me realized what I missing in my life. I wanted to find projects that had meaning, create love and magic to help, bring together like minded people and hopefully make a difference.  

The sole purpose I created CUGIVE was to find project that filled my heart, spread love, create magical moments and share it.  

I'm exicted about my new journey and can't wait to share it with you.